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Customer acquisition strategy? Brand protection? Look no further: Google Ads is the right service for your business.

Google Ads for hotels



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In the tourism sector, the variety of accommodation offers (hotels, bed and breakfasts, vacation villages and centers, hotel apartments, camping sites, B&B's...) as well as the number of reservation possibilities (on the official website, by email, by phone, on e-reputation sites, hotel distribution sites, large hotel groups, on social networks...) leads internet users to make a choice in an ultra-competitive sector.

To face this strong competition and the variety in terms of offers, an independent hotel must have an offensive digital strategy to attract qualified Internet users. Even if it doesn't have the financial power of the big players in hotel distribution, it can implement actions that are quite affordable to reach its future customers directly and Google Ads, the online advertising tool of Google, is one of them.

The system of diffusion of Google Ads is linked either to a list of keywords (search network) or to a list of sites (Display network), both defined by the advertiser. Google's remuneration method is generally based on the click on the ad (CPC = cost per click), the amount of which is defined by a bidding system between the advertisers. In order to guarantee a certain quality of the ads, Google has set up an algorithm that will favor the "best" ads.

Distinguish between natural results and commercial results

t is essential to distinguish natural referencing which is free (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA). The latter are part of a so-called global strategy of SEM (search engine marketing), i.e. all the marketing actions to improve one's referencing, whether it is natural or paid. We can summarize: SEM = SEA + SEO + SMO.


This is the management of advertisements or sponsored links that appear on the sites reserved for search engine advertising.


It is the set of optimization techniques of a website to improve its positioning on the results pages of search engines.


We speak of SMO to define all the techniques and actions to develop the visibility and image of a website or a brand on social networks.

Example of a campaign

When an Internet user types the query "hotel cannes" on Google, the first 4 links bearing the mention "ad" are sponsored links (SEA), then appear the so-called "natural" results (SEO) located below the waterline (imaginary line below which the content of the page is only visible if you scroll with the mouse). The space occupied by Google Ads is therefore significant. Note that for a hotel, searches on the name of the establishment represent about 50% of its traffic.

The different types of ads

Google allows you to create different types of campaigns to meet the needs of the advertiser. The ads can be displayed on the search network and/or on the Display network. The search network, made up of Google and its search partners (the sites that integrate and exploit the Google search engine) is more oriented towards return on investment (ROI), whereas the Display network will be used mainly to be present in the upstream phases of the purchase cycle, as well as to improve its reputation.

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