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If you want your customers to come to you, start by being there for them! Use a chat bot and reassure them during their customer journey!

Improve your conversion rate with a chat



2 min

Optimizing the conversion rate of the booking engine purchase tunnel is one of the key steps of a web marketing strategy.

This analysis, carried out in partnership by Hotel Direct Booster and Eliophot, allowed to collect 20,000 customer interactions over one month.


What is HDB?

This tool offers an innovative livechat technology coupled with real booking agents to humanize the hotels' website and thus increase the booking rate of visitors on the hotels' website. It is integrated only in the booking engine.

Today, we would like to share with you the impact of the Eliophot and HDB partnership with a sample of 25 independent hotels located in France.

The objective is simple: convert hesitant visitors into buyers.

Top 10 interactions




2min30 of visitor time spent on a hotel website
7% of visitors used the chat
Sales agents responded in 30s on average
The conversational tool helped 203 prospects finalize the act of purchase
Conversions with chat correspond to 28% of the generated turnover

Need an audit of your conversion tunnel and to implement efficient solutions that directly impact your direct booking volume?

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