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Presentation of some actors of the hotel and food sectors who encourage or opt for digital in their activity.

The digital revolution in the hotel and food industry



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In the era of digitalization, tourism is no exception to the rule. Like many other sectors, it is also tending to become more and more digital. Let's take a look at the different digital solutions brought by the agency's clients and which tend to modernize operations and improve online visibility.

HDB Solutions, customer relationship 2.0

HDB Solutions' vision is simple: refocus the experience on service. Service, yes but digital! We explain. Based on the observation that visitors to a hotel's website were very rarely transformed into customers, Eddy Mimoun, founder of HDB, decided to create a solution that would be centered on the customer and the customer relationship. His goal was to help partner hotels and all tourism actors convert more and thus improve their direct sales. To do this, he implemented many solutions at a lower cost for his customers. Improved after-sales service with multi-channel communication or pre-stay calls to gather information on the daily habits of customers and enable additional sales before the customer has even set foot in the hotel. Services that use the latest technologies to offer the most up-to-date customer relationship possible. It gives the customer the feeling of being considered with personalized care. An additional advantage of this offer is certainly its outsourcing for the establishment which allows it, in addition to optimizing its customer relationship, to make substantial savings on possible employees who would do the same work.

Many other digital services are offered, chat is one of the best known but according to the figures given by HDB, it allows to increase from 2% to 18% of visitors converted into customers. Abandoned cart recovery or call overflow services allow each establishment opting for these services to generate more conversions or to transform potential lost calls into direct sales. This proves that outsourced digital services are a real advantage for all tourism actors and especially for hoteliers in this case.

En Suite, a new generation hotel management provider

Another digital player in the tourism sector, En Suite provides hotel management support in 3 areas: operational management, revenue management and marketing. Founded in 2022, this company is aimed at medium-sized hotels wishing to improve their online presence and optimize their expenses. The use of the latest technologies allows them to optimize their budget, work time and customer satisfaction. En Suite offers a 360° spectrum, from operational management, on site, coupled with online management, to visibility optimization through its marketing and communication services. Significantly improving the e-marketing of rooms with En Suite's expertise will therefore optimize the hotel's revenues. In addition, each partner hotel is made visible on the web thanks to an advanced and relevant digital marketing and communication strategy.

All these digital services on the players' side echo the new ways of consuming tourism on the tourists' side.

Le Pain Français, the digitalization of a classic product

In another field, we could also mention Le Pain Français as a driving force in the digitalization, not of tourism, but of the wider hospitality or gastronomy sector. Digitizing a product as traditional as bread and making the "Le Pain Français" brand as visible as possible to as many people as possible is the challenge of this new-style bakery with a strong identity and a style that dusts off the environment. Le Pain Français is not intended for individuals, but for professionals and is a cross between a neighborhood bakery and an industrial laboratory. It is a real bread workshop with strict specifications where the flours used are Label Rouge and the wheat is grown near the workshop.

And it is this approach and this desire to offer a product that is as beautiful as it is tasty that the brand's new website had to reflect. An immersive website, with an ergonomic and elegant design for an optimized user experience. A real dive into the brand's universe to immerse oneself from the first seconds of visit with a new strong brand identity, materialized by a completely reworked "brand voice" signed Eliophot. Through this site, Eliophot provides digital answers in transversal businesses.

Eliophot, a site with astronomical technical performance at the service of its customers

But Eliophot, if it strives to make its customers shine, also had to have a new generation site that brings immersion and optimal UX. So we upgraded the performance of our website with a new technology that allows us to have a site as flamboyant as it is fast. It's a technical power increase that allows us today remarkable performances. And we also went further! Because the digital world presents many challenges, we have opted for tools validated by the European Union and compliant with CNIL regulations, which respect the rights and privacy of users with no personal data collection.

We have thus applied ourselves to make a fast, immersive and honest site. A real showcase of our work, because digitalization is nowadays essential for all the tourism professions. And for us, digital must be beautiful and fast but also virtuous!

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