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Create a strong relationship with your customers by evoking emotions. We'll show you how to implement these concepts into your digital strategy.

Emotional marketing : how to



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Do you want to create strong customer loyalty and generate additional sales? Discover here the concept of emotional marketing and its interests.

What does it involve?

Between reasons and emotions, the human being is complex. Indeed, when making a decision, sometimes external arguments come into consideration. Therefore, when we feel an important emotion, we can act in a very spontaneous way, without taking into account rational arguments. It should be noted that within our brain, the two elements are well separated and do not function simultaneously.

This is a real opportunity for brands that have noticed that they can rely on emotional marketing to encourage the act of purchase. By making people feel an important emotion, the brand name stays in the consumer's mind: indeed, the more impactful it is, the more it will be remembered and attached.

The idea is to think "consumer" before "marketing". We can take as an example the E-Leclerc brand which mobilizes every year with "Let's clean up nature", where it commits itself and is followed by consumers for its positions. Another example is "Café grand-mère": the brand highlights the family and uses it to make people feel good about themselves. Another example can be the brand "Kiri" where the innocence of the children makes the parents fall in love with it.

Emotional marketing is therefore an interesting principle for both parties because it makes customers happy but it also allows brands to increase their sales! Different tools are to be favored in this context: video (with images and sound), beautiful photos (especially for social media campaigns), story telling (to make a story come alive and be transported), and influencers as brand muses (a fan will tend to appreciate the product he represents). The blog is also not to be neglected; indeed, an Internet user will share more easily an article that he liked.

There is a link between emotional marketing and digital marketing that should not be neglected. Integrating it in your digital marketing strategy will allow for more traffic on your site & a better visibility.

As part of this strategy, it is essential to focus on the customer and design a web marketing device that delivers the ultimate experience throughout the customer journey. Understanding the customer journey through the booking process will allow you to empathize with them "before, during and after their stay". The idea is to be at the heart of the customer's needs, to limit their frustrations and to start the conversation at the right time. Understanding this pattern will guarantee you a better ROI.

In this ultra-connected world, the consumer needs to feel unique.


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