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Our best practice for increasing visibility, positioning, and the number of potential customers? 3 words: Google My Business. Find out how!

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Google My Business is the tool par excellence to reference your establishment on the search engine and Google Maps. It is important to use it to have control over your information, to update it and especially to complete your local referencing.

All the information integrated on this page will be included on other Google services. Your establishment will therefore be highlighted for mobile searches via Google Maps and the Knowledge graph. The latter, located on the right side of the results page, lists customer reviews, your contact information, your phone number and places of interest near your establishment. Most of this information is managed through Google My Business.

Attention : any Internet user can suggest a modification on your Google listing: as the account manager, you alone can update the information and accept the modifications or not.


screenshot knowledge graph

    The photo displayed is the one you have chosen as your identity photo via Google My Business.

    This is where the user can locate your establishment and launch the route.

    Increase the number of visits to your site by filling in this essential field and insert a link to the home page. Google will suggest a route to the user depending on where they are located.

    Check this information carefully because the validation of your file is done by sending a mail and this information is essential for the Internet user.

    This space informs Internet users about the prices charged by the various OTAs. New in 2016: now you can show the prices you charge on your site for a commission for Google.

    Google centralizes all the equipment that you have entered in your Google My Business page.

    This insert highlights the detailed reviews of Internet users. Since September 2016, the Facebook reviews go up.

    You must mention the name of your establishment here. Write it as people know it. If the number of stars does not match your establishment, ask Google to change it.

  1. CUSTOMER REVIEWS The reviews are highlighted on your Google My Business page because they are essential in the choice of the Internet user.

In this section, you will discover how to create a Google My Business page and how to optimize it so that it is as visible as possible for Internet users.

First, you need to create a Google account and go to this link: If your establishment is not present, you must add it. To do this, click on "add your establishment" and fill in the fields in the form.

1- The name of your Google My Business listing must be identical to the real name of your establishment. Do not include any keywords in the name of your listing, it could be misperceived by Google robots and be considered as spam. Tip: Don't put all the services of your establishment. Focus only on the essential of your activity: Hotel, Restaurant, Bed and Breakfast, etc.

2- The phone number must be the one of your reception. This way, when you have also filled in the reception hours on your listing, you will be able to be contacted by interested travelers.

3- The choice of the category is essential for a good referencing of your Google My Business listing. We have established for you all the categories related to the hotel world: Hotel, hotel with swimming pool, luxury hotel, budget hotel, motel restaurant, oyster bar restaurant, café and grill restaurant, "nationality" restaurant, organic restaurant, gourmet restaurant. Tip: If your services include catering and home delivery, check the box "I provide goods and services to my customers at their address" at the bottom of the form. This detail indicates that you can deliver to your customers. Click on continue and go to the next step.

Check that the address corresponds to your establishment and click on continue after checking the authorization box. It is from this address that Google will position your establishment on the Google Maps.

Second step: the validation of your listing. In order to authenticate the address of your establishment, Google sends you, by mail or by phone, a validation code of 6 digits that you must enter on Google My Business. Once validated, your establishment is visible by Google and Internet users.

4- You must then highlight your Google listing: The contact information must be as detailed as possible. It is advisable to provide a landline telephone number as well as a place, additional address, etc.. You must give Internet users all the means to contact you easily.

5- Also fill in the opening hours field so that the Internet user can see at a glance the opening hours of your establishment. This is especially useful for restaurants because the form will indicate in real time if the establishment is open or closed. A little tip: if you are open 24/7, set all days of the week to 00:00 so that Google understands that your reception is open without a break.

Choose the most beautiful photos of your establishment and put them in the categories provided. Namely, "Indoor photos", "Outdoor photos", "Team photos", etc. The only photo that you cannot modify is the one taken from Google Street. Indeed, it is taken by Google Street View when the Google Car passes in front of your establishment. Optimize the photos of your My Business listing by renaming them according to what is on the photo. Tip: sometimes, Google decides to put forward, on your page, a photo taken by a visitor during his visit. If you don't like this photo, don't hesitate to add a new one so that the visitor's photo doesn't come first.

We advise you to highlight one of your rooms on the main photo, to always insert the logo of your establishment and to add a photo of the facade on the cover. Tip: A nearby tourist spot on the cover photo is also a good way to attract searchers from your geographical area.

Integrate the Google Maps to your website! Now that your establishment is referenced locally on Google Maps, it is very interesting to integrate the geographical location to your site. This will both guide the user and give a good signal to the search engine robots. Tip: Stand out from the competition by adding your own logo.

Sometimes your hotel is mentioned 2 times on a map. This means that 2 Google My Business listings have been validated with 2 different numbers. If you have the management of these 2 records, you must delete the bad one. If not, you must recover the management of the second record to delete it.


There are many mapping solutions that allow you to reference your hotel establishment. We will mention Michelin maps, Mappy, Yellow Pages and Apple maps that allow you to post information about your establishment thanks to a form filled in like Google My Business. The Internet user will find, in a few clicks, the phone number, your website and all the information about your establishment.

Every independent hotel owner should list their establishment on Google My Business to get maximum visibility. This free tool is an excellent way to provide Internet users with all the information about the hotel. Reviews, photos, contact information, link to the website, facilities, etc. So much information likely to interest your potential customers.

In addition to that, the creation of a My Business listing allows you to enhance all Google tools such as Google Maps and allow you to enrich your AdWords ads. Being present on Google Maps is essential, because Internet users find you in a few clicks and Google suggests a simple and personalized route.

From the point of view of an Google Ads ad, the Google My Business page allows you to add a location and review extension. A factor that reassures Internet users and encourages them to come to your site from an ad.

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