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How to appear in the first results of Google in organic searches? Find out all our tips on how to keep a grip on your brand name.

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As you know, a natural referencing strategy is established over the long term. Indeed, it is necessary to give time to the search engines to analyze all the content of your site (optimizations, tags, images, texts...) and to observe its behavior (traffic, acquisition of links, updating of contents...). The anteriority of the domain name is also a criterion taken into account by Google (you should therefore avoid changing your domain name at all costs!).

A natural referencing strategy must be adjusted

Search engine optimization is never static. Search engine algorithms evolve over time and your strategy must also be continually adapted to continue improving the results obtained. Keep yourself informed of the changes in the algorithms thanks to the specialized press, blogs, etc. Also keep an eye on the evolution of your natural referencing by monitoring the variations of positions in the search engine results on the queries you are studying.

Our advice

Make your list of keywords evolve by removing the keywords that are no longer searched for in favor of more targeted ones. Then, modify the content of your website accordingly, your tags (re-optimize them!), your titles and your texts (add some if they are not sufficient and rewrite them if they are not up to date), so that they are always in adequacy with the keywords you are studying. Finally, create additional content pages to support the SEO work on one or more keywords.

Some examples of elements to watch

First of all, the pages with the highest bounce rates and the main exit pages: check if they offer the possibility to the user to continue his navigation (presence of buttons, internal links, good visibility?). Information about your audience is also important: the origin of your visitors and the language used may evolve; it may be relevant to add a version in an additional language. Moreover, the technology used by your visitors must be monitored: compare the duration of visits and the bounce rate of the different media; there may be content adaptations to be made. There is always room for improvement in SEO, sometimes it is necessary to search, analyze, test... and often, it is necessary to be patient before seeing the first results!

The SEO toolbox

Many tools exist (free or paid) to analyze the positioning, structure and performance of a site. They reveal a real concern of webmarketing professionals for natural referencing.

The Google Analytics tool also allows you to keep a global eye on the evolution of your website traffic (audience, origin, behavior, technologies, e-commerce, conversion tunnel...). The study of this data remains very important throughout your SEO strategy.

SeeURank or Google Search Console are also specialized tools. And in case of disappointing results, don't panic, there are always actions to take and often, positions on the first page take longer to obtain.

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