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You want to help your customers, and we can help you by offering you the expert services of our partner: GuestOnline.

Eliophot and Guestonline partnership



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Eliophot Agency has been a partner of Guestonline since February 1, 2018.

Your restaurant's customers will now be able to book their table online in a few clicks! This 24-hour reservation tool will help you build customer loyalty and improve your e-reputation.


What is Guestonline's role in the e-booking of restaurant tables?

Guestonline is a digital reservation book designed with and for restaurant owners. It allows you to manage reservations easily from an iPad, PC or smartphone, to create and customize your seating plans, to design and send personalized and professional newsletters.

Guestonline also includes an online booking module and offers a pre-payment or credit card imprint system to limit no-shows.

Customers book their table via the module, directly integrated to the website and/or the restaurant's Facebook page. For each new reservation, the restaurant owner receives a notification to validate the reservation (if he has not chosen the automatic validation).

The module, available in 12 languages, can be finely configured (opening days, number of covers per service, deadline for online reservations, message sent to the customer who can also leave a message to the restaurant owner, etc.). Its integration is simple. The reservation is registered directly on the Guestonline dashboard of the restaurant, at the same time as a customer file is created with the contact information of the customer.

Guestonline equips today 3500 restaurants, all types and sizes: from the neighborhood restaurant to the starred table like the restaurants of the Bocuse group, the Maison Bras, the Tour d'Argent...

What are the impacts of the Guestonline solution on the restaurant business?

Guestonline allows the restaurant owner to save time as Eric Pétrotto, the founder of La Fabuleuse Cantine in Saint Etienne testifies: Online booking, more and more adopted by customers, allows the restaurant owner to manage his reservations faster: less phone calls, no need to take calls during the afternoon break or to mobilize someone to answer the phone. Fewer errors when making reservations, so less time is wasted!

Guestonline acts as a "channel manager" for the restaurant industry and aggregates all the reservations coming from the different reservation channels: telephone, passage, website, Facebook page, Google Plus page, directories and reservation centers .... No need to copy all these reservations on a notebook.

Guestonline allows the restaurant owner to increase his turnover thanks to the different functionalities offered by the software: thanks to the online reservation, no more reservation is lost, the customer can reserve at any time even during the closing of the restaurant. The customer file generated automatically by the reservations and enriched by the staff allows to improve the reception, the service proposed to the customer by taking into account his habits, his preferences. This is valuable information that improves the customer's experience and consequently loyalty.

The graphic seating plan allows the restaurant owner to easily visualize the filling of his restaurant and to optimize the renewal of his tables.

The pre-payment or bank imprint option is an effective tool in the fight against no-shows. It is becoming more and more popular on the customer side and avoids losses due to no-shows, as some of our restaurant owners who have implemented it can testify.

What makes your positioning special?

Guestonline is different because it is not linked to any reservation center. It is a tool available to the restaurant owner and not an intermediary between him and his customer. It ensures the restaurant owner a total independence in the management of his reservations.

The online reservation is completely free of charge, so the restaurant owner does not risk being forced to pay exponential amounts of money for the increase of his online reservations.

The customer file is the sole property of the restaurant owner. These data are kept for the restaurant owner but are not exploited, unlike reservation centers whose business model is based on per-cover charges.

Guestonline is only for restaurant owners. The tool is regularly enriched with new features that follow their needs. The human-sized team is entirely French and can be reached at any time.

You have a question about the tool or you want to apply it to your restaurant? Contact us and we will discuss your wishes.

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