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Local SEO is the cornerstone of digital hotel strategies. Develop a competitive advantage quickly with our tips.

Use your SEO for your local reputation



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To support local referencing, it is essential to optimize your website through natural referencing actions.


To do so, you must integrate keywords including your geographical location in the most important tags such as page titles, content titles and images. Do not hesitate to add endings such as "near", "near", "near" ... while targeting the important cities located in the vicinity to consolidate your positioning on a defined geographical area.

In order to reference your establishment locally, we also advise you to integrate your contact information on all the pages of your site. This is a way to send a strong signal to search engines and to bring information to the user wherever he is on your site. The phone number is a geolocation indicator very used by Google and when combined with your address / zip code, you directly improve the SEO on queries that use the name of your city.

Usually, the contact information is integrated in the footer of your site. You need to write them textually. Do not use images, the impact on SEO will be reduced.

It is also advisable to integrate a Google Maps in the "Access" page of your website. This information is very useful for the Internet user because from this map, he can know the distance that separates him from your hotel. In addition, this map is taken directly from the programming interface; it is an excellent indicator for the search engine.

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