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To get your customers to come, start by getting closer to them! With local SEO, communicate the information they are really looking for.

Local SEO: good practices



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What is local referencing?

Local referencing includes all the techniques that aim to position a site corresponding to a localized request. This referencing is often linked to the geolocation of the device you use (computer, smartphone...).

Why is it important for your hotel to be well positioned locally?

To meet the information needs of the "passing" Internet user in a defined area around your establishment.

To meet the needs of Internet users who want to get inspiration and information in preparation for their vacations in a specific destination.

Local referencing is generally part of a natural referencing strategy: for a hotel or a restaurant, it is strongly advised to work on queries including precise locations in order to attract targeted traffic to your website.

Some tips to optimize your local referencing

Create a Google My Business page. Integrate a Google Maps on your website, as well as the contact information of the establishment on all the pages of your website.

Be present on local directories of quality & proximity (town halls, tourist offices, pages of local associations).

In addition to your natural referencing strategy, opt for a paid referencing strategy.

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