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Because we understand your needs in the competitive hotel industry, we have developed a partnership with THCC, a reference in the field

Eliophot is teaming up with THCC



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In an increasingly connected and informed world, hotels are undergoing a profound transformation that is impacting their offer, questioning their strategy and transforming their business model. To help them meet these challenges, Eliophot, a global marketing and communications agency dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry for 50 years, which has worked with more than 1,200 hotels, announces the launch of a strategic agreement with the international consulting platform "The Hotels Consulting Company - Boston & EMEA" (THCC EMEA), which has 192 member hotel owners and more than 500 partner establishments worldwide.

"Eliophot strengthens our offer and completes our customized proposals of know-how in the digital domain. This close partnership allows us to offer innovative and value-added solutions in line with the expectations of our member hotel owners, and to accompany them over time in the various stages and dimensions of their digital transformation. Until now, we did not have such offers, and it was imperative for our owners to find such specialists capable of reaching out to multi-destinations and not just French-speaking guests" comments Oliver Steuermann, CEO of THCC EMEA.

"Eliophot combines digital and creative skills with the industry and technology expertise that THCC is known for in Europe and in the GCC and CIS regions. In this ever-changing world, we want to help hoteliers understand the influence of digital on their business, build their digital foundation and design an effective customer experience. From digital strategy to data, through design and technology, Eliophot's richness, combined with THCC's expertise, form a mix of skills and a diversity of talents: sector experts, strategy, marketers, designers, developers..." explains François-Xavier Bioul, Eliophot's Managing Director.

The joint offer is divided into 5 pillars:

Digital Strategy: to accompany the definition of a global strategic vision, to advise on external growth strategies designed to enrich the digital skills of the hotel.

Digital Marketing: define and implement a digital marketing strategy to improve performance, assist in the implementation of digital devices to improve the user experience and offer expertise in SEO, acquisition and social networks.

Customer Engagement: the team helps hotels to better leverage their customer knowledge, to develop and implement tools that will increase their engagement before, during and after their stay.

Data Analytics: web analytics allows to enrich customer knowledge. It is then possible to leverage this data by combining it with internal data to propose more personalized and adapted offers and customer paths.

User experience and design: the customer experience can be considerably enriched by combining technology and design. The team develops web and mobile interfaces and acts on the entire customer journey.

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