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Beyable helps hoteliers improve their conversions, and we help you integrate this asset into your overall digital strategy. Shall we give it a try?

Our partnership with BEYABLE



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We are pleased to announce that Eliophot Agency is a BEYABLE partner since 2018.


BEYABLE helps hotel managers to improve their conversions on their website by sending the right message to Internet users at the right moment of the purchase cycle. The more unique and memorable the customer experience, the greater the impact!

In the context of a hotel booking, the initial challenge is to identify at what stage of the purchasing process the Internet user is and then try to convince him by sending him the most relevant message possible.

This content will be different depending on whether the user is in the preparation phase (reassurance message such as "take advantage of the best offers by booking on our site") or the booking phase (message with a personalized offer such as "exceptional offer for you, take advantage of a 10% discount on your booking"), on his desktop computer or on his smartphone In France, 43% of conversions on travel sites take place after only one visit to the site! The first impression must be the right one. Personalization is therefore essential.

BEYABLE has established objectives in order to have a better conversion of the visitors of the site into customers. These objectives are to :

Capture the dropouts

The first objective is to capture people who are about to leave the site while they are in the booking tunnel. The challenge is to improve the conversion rate by capturing travelers who leave the site without validating their reservations. The solution here is to trigger a targeted message to the visitor just as they are about to leave. The message aims to contact the hotel to finalize the booking.

Create urgency

The second objective is to trigger additional sales on your site by making your visitors aware of the urgency for these dates and/or for this room. To do this, it is preferable to trigger messages such as: "high demand", "only one room left", "last reservation 11 hours ago", "exceptional discount until tonight!

Offer an experience & support

The third objective is to be able to personalize commercial offers. The challenge is to allow you to carry out, if you wish, automatic promotions/discounts according to certain criteria such as: the amount of the booking; the number of nights booked or the booking period. If the visitor corresponds to these criteria, then a discount code will be offered to encourage him to finalize his purchase immediately! Several options are available to make this code unique and very limited in time!

Activate upsell

The last objective is to increase the average basket, which is why it is useful to trigger marketing ads for certain visitors in order to individualize the relationship and automatically highlight optional services in the hotel that seem to suit them.

If you want to get started, don't hesitate to contact us!

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