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Your customers deserve the best service, so make sure you offer it with Search Console, which allows you to check the status of your site.

Register your website using Google Search Console



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The Google Search Console tool, previously called Webmaster Tools, allows you to analyze the behavior of a website and to transmit information to Google. Thanks to this tool, you will understand how crawlers work. The following actions are all done from this Google tool.

Submit my content to Google

To speed up the indexing of new pages, you can submit your pages to Google.

How to get the Google bots on a page of my website?

Create a Search Console account (with your Google account) > Crawl > Crawl like Google > Add your page path > Crawl and display > Submit for indexing.

Language declaration

Search Console also allows you to quickly notify search engines of the language of your site's various directories. This will facilitate the indexing of the right pages on the search engines of each country (,,,, etc.). For example, for some hotels, it will be more relevant to target the US rather than the UK.

How can I refine my geographic targeting?

Search traffic > International targeting > Country: choose your main target.

For example, for the .com/en directory. You can do the same for .com/en, .com/es... directories to select target users.

The sitemap.xml file

The sitemap.xml file is a file listing all the pages of your website that you want to index. It does not directly impact the natural referencing of your website but it allows to facilitate the work of indexing robots. This sitemap.xml is not intended for Internet users but for search engines only. Composed of a series of XML tags, it will speak only to experts! You will have to ask your webmaster to create it.

You can report to Google the upload of a new sitemap.xml via the Search Engine Console.

How to send my sitemap to Google ?

Search Console > Exploration > Sitemaps

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