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A restaurant website has to meet a number of standards. We detail them here to help you reflect the quality of your food online.

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Who is it for?

In early 2019, a "Restaurant" offer was created at Eliophot to meet a real demand from the industry. Quite often, we found that market professionals were diluting their marketing power across multiple platforms.

The first objective was to centralize all the key elements on a single marketing tool: social networks, customer reviews, downloadable menus, photo gallery, newsletter, etc. This offer takes the form of a website, optimized for mobile use, in particular to highlight table reservations (which are constantly increasing outside the brewery business). It meets all the needs expressed by the profession and is composed of a template site and additional modules according to the type of business (from brasseries to traditional restaurants, including starred restaurants).

What are the advantages of the "Restaurant" offer?

A focus on visuals: On all pages of the site, you will find large illustrations highlighting your restaurant, your chef and your dishes.

A fully manageable site: All texts and images can be modified by you. We will accompany you when you go online so that you become autonomous in updating your menus, etc.

A reservation link is always visible: We give priority to the "Reserve" button which redirects to your table reservation engine (Guest Online, Zen Chef...). This link is visible on all your pages to allow the user to book when he wants, during his navigation.

Moreover, as Instagram is an excellent visibility vector for your restaurant, we have added a dynamic feed on all your posts: as soon as you post on your account, your customers see it on your website! A tutorial is also available to help you: when your new website is online, we provide you with a simplified tutorial to help you change the texts, menus & images of your new communication tool.

Finally, additional modules depending on the type of business and available in a pack will allow you to enrich your media libraries, animate your communities and create brand value.

What is the structure of the site?

In order to meet the needs of restaurant owners, 4 main pages are delivered by default when you create your new site: home, menus & menu, photo gallery, contact us, 1 customizable page with a theme (chefs, wedding and receptions...).

What are the options ?

In order to propose a global offer for the visibility of your restaurant, a dozen solutions adapted to the world of restaurant owners are proposed. The objective is to develop your direct bookings, enhance and transmit your image and federate a community.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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