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We are convinced that your hotel can stand out from your competitors. We offer you some SEO best practices adapted to the hotel industry.

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The ideal is to think about your SEO strategy as soon as you build your website. If it is already online, you will not be able to apply all the tips below.

However, you can be inspired to add pages or elements that you had not thought of.

Once you have selected your keywords, you are ready to create the tree structure of your website

What is a tree structure ?

A tree structure allows you to have a global vision of your website and to build a fluid navigation path. It is necessary to :

Determine your main pages: those that will be part of your navigation bar. For a hotel, the main pages are: hotel, restaurant, wellness area, seminars & banquets, tourism, contact and access... They contain the essential information.

Determine your secondary pages: these are pages with additional content that will be appreciated by the user who wants to go further in his search. They are also used to enrich a semantic cocoon and feed a natural referencing strategy.

Two essential secondary elements

Tourism pages and tourism lexical fied

What do they contain?

Unique content, essential SEO elements (media tags, HN structure...), a lexical field and its keywords.

Why should they contain them?

These pages offer several advantages: they are interesting for Internet users, they enhance the value of the product, they encourage Internet users to stay on the hotel's official website rather than going to the tourist office's website and they enrich the website's content to better meet the expectations of search engine algorithms.

The site map page

Create a site map page to which you can add relevant content.

Who is it for?

For the user: it's an easy way to quickly access all the content of your website.

For search engines: it is a way to strengthen the internal mesh very appreciated by search engine robots.

Generally, we advise to put this page in the footer of a website because it is graphically less pleasant than the pages present in the main navigation. Moreover, Internet users are used to this location.

Not to be confused with the sitemap.xml.

Conclusion: the tree structure is the structure of the site and the basis of all SEO optimizations (content, urls, internal linking, etc.).

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