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Very popular since its launch in the 1970s in the United States, wine tourism is more and more seen as a way for wineries to attract curious tourists.

Wine tourism, the emergence of a new vintage



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The wine tourism trend

The "wine tourism" trend comes from the other side of the Atlantic. Although France is a pioneer when it comes to wine and spirits, it is in the United States where this new type of tourism started. But the trend is making its way and is gradually reaching us. In concrete terms, what is wine tourism? Very simply, and as its name suggests, a combination of tourist activities linked to wine. Stays, tastings, various activities, everything that has to do with the exploration of wine, vineyards and winegrowers is considered as wine tourism. The trend is booming in France and many wineries are interested in this new kind of tourism. Tourism agencies are even specialised in this field to attract tourists interested in the world of wine. Visits to wine cellars, tours along the wine route, discoveries of wine estates, tasting and discovery of oenology, meetings with wine growers are all commercialised services that are now very successful.

The prospects for the evolution of wine tourism

Today, nearly 10 millions of tourists are wine tourists in France. If the development of this new type of tourism is on the right track, its expansion is still highly possible. Atout France, France's tourism development agency, has recently set up a unit dedicated to this sector in order to promote and support its growth. 42% of visitors come from abroad, so there is great potential for developing the French market. Partnerships are being formed in this regard. Partnerships that associate vineyards and hotel groups where each has to gain from the expertise and the positioning of the other. One example is Perrier-Jouët, which, through the renovation of its site in Epernay, is aiming to offer an immersive experience around its champagnes. In order to enable all the players in this sector to grow and wine tourism to develop, Atout France has identified several areas for improvement. A synergy to be found with the actors of the gastronomy seems to be an important direction, it allows to take advantage of another field, strong and complementary to wine. Gastronomy is one of the first reasons mentioned by tourists for discovering a region. Perrier-Jouët will continue to combine the creativity and haute-couture precision of renowned chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire and Sébastien Morellon with its grands crus through a multi-stage culinary journey whose flavours will support the firm's champagnes. Another important focus is to improve the quality of the offer by creating a label and a set of guidelines to provide a framework for the range of products on offer. In addition, highlighting promotional actions on digital makes these offers visible. This is where a global agency such as Eliophot can play a major role with a turnkey offer that allows wineries and winegrowers to be more visible and to create a desire for a new, aesthetic and well-referenced website.

Our Eliophot clients are betting on wine tourism

Our clients have already gambled on wine tourism in order to expand their offer and attract new visitors, whether they are initiated or simply curious.

Les Sources de Caudalie

A true pioneer when it comes to wine tourism, Les Sources de Caudalie is located in the heart of the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte, a Grand Cru Classé in Graves. And it is this location that shapes the entire offer, from the accommodation, with its hotel, to the restaurant and a spa specially focused on wine therapy. The Caudalie spa uses the underground hot spring and the benefits of wine on the skin and the bode, such as a grape marc bath. Many other activities are also possible, in the heart of the vineyard, to discover the Château and its wines.

Château Fourcas Dupré and Château d'Agassac

Château Fourcas Dupré, owned by French entrepreneur Gérard Jicquel, who also owns Château d'Agassac, is banking on its assets to attract the visitors. Its location is already an asset. Located in Listrac-Médoc, north of Bordeaux, the estate is at the heart of an already prominent and popular wine region, between the Gironde tributary and the Atlantic. Its vat room, which dates back to 1850, is also a good argument to attract people who are just passing through or simply curious. A complete "wine tourism" offer is proposed by the Château Fourcas Dupré, for professionals or for private events at home. Visiting Château Fourcas Dupré is a bit like visiting a wine museum. Not far from Fourcas Dupré is another estate owned by Gérard Jicquel, Château d'Agassac. Its 13th century castle is already an asset. Add to this the fact that the estate is a "Best Of Wine Tourism" award winner, and Château d'Agassac is set to become a focal point for wine tourism in Bordeaux. The development of the domain and its wines is also a central point of the property's development with the project to build a luxury hotel in the park of the Château in the near future.

Château Saint-Maur / Cru classé

Château Saint-Maur relies on its know-how and its high-end approach to impress. If its classified "grands crus" are already enough of an argument to discover the wine offered by this estate, they are also a good reason to visit it and discover the magnificent location in Cogolin, next to Saint-Tropez. The Château integrates the codes of the high-end hotel industry for its wines and this approach also applies to its visitors. Private guided tours, tasting workshops, chocolate and red wine pairings, a wine bar from the vine to the glass and regular events to liven up the estate are just some of the activities offered by Château Saint-Maur / Cru-classé.

Château de Berne

Located in the heart of a 500-hectare forest surrounded by oaks and pines, the Château de Berne relies on its wine tourism offer. Gastronomy, first of all, with numerous offers including "Le Jardin de Berne", a Michelin-starred restaurant which also has a green star for "sustainable gastronomy". There is also a gourmet BIB to suit all budgets. The property also offers a 5-star hotel, member of Relais & Châteaux, with a top-of-the-range spa to relax in the midst of the vines. Luxury, charm and sensuality are the main features of the Château de Berne, as well as numerous wine discovery activities.

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